Our pet sitting service is a 24/7 service where your pet stays in the comfort of their own surroundings whilst you are away with a Connor K9 staff member.

The benefits of pet sitting rather boarding are;  Less stress and anxiety for your pets and you! One on one time rather than your dog being in a busy boarding kennel.

Keeping up with your pets regular routine which is an essential part of looking after your pooches wellbeing.

Spending several days in a strange environment is incredible stressful for anxious dogs and virtually all cats.  Pets are much more relaxed and feel safer in the comfort of their own home. House sitting is also a bonus and our team are all fully DBS checked with no convictions, DBS’s can be viewed prior to this service.

Other minor house hold duties such as fetching post, taking deliveries,  watering plants or caring and feeding other smaller pets can be added on for no extra charge.

Pet Sitting

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